Health claim 2019-2020! - Sarakina Estate

Health claim 2019-2020!


Yet another olive-harvest season has come to an end and the news, in terms of quality, are amazing!

This season, the  dry weather was good for our olives, keeping them insect-free and healthy, though a bit small in size. Like every year, we set off to harvest our production as early as possible and follow all the right steps surrounding the procedure of olive oil extraction. Luckily, all these personal efforts and favorable weather conditions, led to our production’s etremely high quality, as certified in the analysis of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, seen above.

With extremely low acidity levels and a high concentration in polyphenols, Sarakina Estate’s organic extra virgin olive oil is this year too, certified for its antioxidative, neuroprotective and cardioprotective attributes!

Which leaves us, content and proud because despite the fact that our trees produced very little this year, we achieved what we’re really after: To offer this truly essential ingredient of our everyday diet, 100% organically cultivated olive oil, full with all its nutrients and health benefits. As all food should be.



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